Creating Personalised Picture Calendars For Any Celebration

Personalising Items With Favourite Photos

The picture calendar is actually only one type of personalised photo gift. Many other items ranging from canvas prints to bedding and soft furnishings can be customised in a similar way. However, the picture calendar is quite unique in that it naturally provides a beautiful way to show off 13 of your favourite pictures while also including a caption or a tile to accompany each one. Picture calendars can therefore be created to celebrate any occasion or simply to hang in your home to help bring order to your life.

Using Scanned Pictures And Adding Text

Scan old photos and other pictures yourself and these too can be added to a picture calendar in order to personalise it exactly how you want it. This means you can update old wedding or baby photos. You can use pictures taken from magazines and clippings from newspapers. You can add virtually any picture in order to completely customise the picture calendar that you choose. Not only does this mean you can create a photo calendar that you love but it also means that you can create a unique and customised photo gift for any celebration.

Birthday Photo Calendars

Birthday photo calendars are an especially good use of the picture calendar design. Use pictures of the recipient taken over the last year and add humorous or heartfelt captions underneath each one. Add your personalised birthday greeting as the cover title and you can give a personalised photo journal calendar.

New House Calendars

Moving into a new house is a major event in any individual’s or family’s life. Not only should it be celebrated by close friends and family but it is also a time when the new owners are looking for ways to bring order to the chaos of a move and to add some of their own character and personality to the home. Giving a personalised photo calendar combines all of these and you can use pictures of the new house or pictures of the family.

New Baby Calendars

A new baby is another major event in anybody’s life. Parents and grandparents, siblings and godparents, as well as family friends can buy the new parents a personalised baby picture calendar that includes his or her first pictures taken at the hospital and during the first days at home.

Anniversary Calendars

An anniversary calendar is a great opportunity to update old wedding pictures. Scan thirteen pictures yourself and name each of the monthly photos with the month name that you want it printed. You don’t have to include captions if you don’t wish and this allows the happy couple or your partner to really enjoy every one of the pictures that you scanned and included in an anniversary photo calendar.