Fashion Handbags – My Needs in Life

Nowadays, handbags are popular as jewelry. Everyone has one or more bags, they will carry different styles of handbags in different occasions. Do it like this can show you own style and make you look fashionable. When you walk on the street, you always see most people carry a handbag on their arms or shoulders, whether going work or shopping. Buying handbags has been women’s hobbies, especially young girls, most of them buy fake handbags.

Remembered the first year in my college lives, I used a school bag to go the classes like my early age. Most senior students carried fashion handbags whether boys or girls, but I had no ideal to buy one on that time. Because I think the school bag has a large capacity which could be held lots of books. My thinking had changed after a period of time. In order to pursuer the fashion, I went to the market to choose different kinds of handbags. Why? The only answer is the handbags are attractive by my eyes all the time. Let me tell you.

1. The types of bags
From the different material, it divided by cloth bags, leather bags, painted purses and so on. From the different functions, it divided by handbags and shoulder bags. From the different styles, it divided fashion bags, professional bags and leisure bags.

2. The colors of bags
Speaking of colors, such as red, blue, white, black and so on. According to the season, you can choose the suitable bags. In the summer, the light color is the best. In the strong sunlight it will appear very bright. In the other seasons, black and gray bags are very popular. I think most people may like black bags, because they are easy to keep stainless.

3. The functions of bags
The main role of the bags is decorated, and loads belongings. In the most girls’ handbag, there is a mobile phone, paper, umbrella, cosmetics and other things.

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