What Are The New Spring 2013 Jewelry Trends For Celebrities?

Like every other season, women are ready for spring jewelry as well as clothing styles. There have been great waves being made about the latest spring trends for celebrity jewelry from designer inspired starlets such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and the Basketball Wives. There are new trends of jewelry that will burst into the scene of fashion style this spring and will satisfy women’s love for bold, vibrant and sparkling colors.

A new spring jewelry that will fit this season’s adornment closet is a pair of emerald earrings that Beyonce wore at the presidential inauguration to sing the National Anthem. Although these earrings are said to worth over 1.8 million dollars there will be something for everyone depending on the weights of the various carats that a lady will like to have. There will also be costume jewelry earrings designed around this style. These special earrings have been creating sensations in the fashion arena as many of Beyonce’s fans have proclaimed they really want this jewelry for spring 2013.

The classic bold pearls that Rihanna wore are a jewelry sensation that has great influence on many of her fans. She is also known to wear jewelry with patterns, stripes or checks. This is style for what inspires her spring fashion bracelets and necklaces. Rihanna is well known for her different fashion combinations and stunning earring styles. Ladies will find this spring they too will find chic jewelry to be hoops and drop earrings with double discs.

Women will also find the new spring trends for celebrity jewelry to be like the style that Nikki Minaj wore to attend the Video Music Awards. She wore a beautiful, made in Italy diamond cut ring that was set with sterling silver. This sparkly spring jewelry is very fashionable and many ladies can afford it especially as a celebrity inspired jewelry style. Another jewelry that Nikki Minaj wore that has inspired this year’s spring jewelry trend is her wooden abstract animal earrings. Women can also find this design in bracelets and brooches.

There is also a fabulous spring trend that is inspired by Basketball Wives jewelry such as the earrings that light up when women wear them. These illuminatingly fabulous earrings can light up any occasion getting the ladies easily noticed. There are many colors that come with this jewelry style such as green, red, white or blue. There are many names associated with this kind of earrings such as light earrings, LED lamp earrings or flash earrings.

The new spring jewelry collection by Kim Kardashian is very glamorous and affordable. This piece of jewelry is made in the style of a wishbone and is suitable to wear on different part of the body such as around the neck, on the arms or on the ears. This is an amazing spring jewelry choice for celebrity styles that brings a fashion statement to the forefront. Ladies can wear this adornment for day or evening occasions. Women are looking forward to wearing all these styles this season for some sexy springtime fun.