Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Live the James Bond Lifestyle

Whenever I tell people that I write for a website that teaches guys to live like James Bond, one of the first responses I get is: how you can say you’re living like 007 when you’re staying in hostels? You need to be rich to have the James Bond lifestyle.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I casually respond to this question by asking them if James Bond himself was rich. I say, “He was a government worker for crying out loud.” In this rest of this article I’ll tell you how to live like 007 on backpacker’s budget.

In the Ian Fleming novel The Living Daylights, Bond travels to Berlin for an assassination attempt. In order to fit in with the crowd, Bond dressed in “drab, anonymous, middle-European clothes he had brought over for the purpose.” He dressed to not attract attention to himself and fit in with those around him.

Whenever I am staying in hostels, I wear the gear of other hostel people. I leave my watch at home because it attracts attention and it’s especially not desirable to be wearing it poorer countries. I dress to fit in.

A powerful mindset you can adopt is that you are just dressing the part for now, but deep down you know you are bettering yourself and your financial position daily. So, when you do have the cash, you’ll be staying in nicer places, wearing nicer clothing, and dining in excellent restaurants. But for the moment, you are choosing to play the part of the traveler or the guy on a budget.

And, being a guy on a budget doesn’t have to hinder you completely. Learn how to spend your money effectively. This means eliminating costs that don’t mean much to you or add value to your life and spending money on the things you truly enjoy.

Using these techniques, I feel very comfortable and confident telling people that I live like James Bond, even though I’m not cruising through Monte Carlo in a Aston Martin. But that’s my choice. I’m not choosing to exchange my time (time = money) spent traveling at the moment for a vehicle.